Apple sells four iPads: iPad 6, iPad mini 5, iPad Air 3, and iPad Pro 3rd-gen. Which model is right for you? Watch our brief video, and check out each individual review for more:

iPad Pro review:
iPad Air 3 review:
iPad mini 5 review:
iPad 6 (2018) review:
Logitech Crayon review:…

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  1. Congrats to @joey5802 on Instagram, winner of our iPad + Logitech Crayon giveaway.

  2. The pro. Because it has 13 inch and 1TB

  3. I'm stuck with the 2018 iPad air 6th gen :/ I still love it tho!

  4. Give me any one You want because i cant afford any ?????

  5. Cna anybody help me? Which ipad should i buy under 500$. For gaming?

  6. How much does the ipad air 3 actually cost?

  7. Watching this video with my very old ipad mini ??.. mean some applications can't open anymore because very old and very slow !!
    I bet I need new one and very expensive ????

  8. For gaming mini 5 is perfect or not

  9. If your balance is low then buy ipad 7gen
    If you want meduim screen and performing in gaming then choose mini 5
    If you have good balance
    Then buy air 3
    If you have big balance
    Then buy ipad pro
    And put like on my comment to let another people to see and be happy and bye ❤️

  10. For me, Buy iPad Air 3 Cheap But Complete

  11. Watching this on my iPad Air 3

  12. Watching this from Apple iPad Air 2 haha

  13. I have the iPad 5- 2017 ?

  14. Know what I will wait till iPad mini pro to come out

  15. I’m getting an iPad Air 3 can’t wait

  16. 9to5Mac : Good video could have been great if you only had mentioned ….which iPads are really good for editing videos/photo stills…???
    Thanks Scarboro ????

  17. I have the iPad six generation and I love it it’s not a bad iPad

  18. Good review.Very Helpful

  19. Welp I got the 6th gen when that mini 4 was out and the mini 5 is way better I’m stuck with the iPad 6th gen:/

  20. been using may ipad mini 2 since 2016 till now..

  21. watching with my ipad mini 2 …

  22. iPad mini: smaller iPad Air
    iPad air: bigger iPad mini

  23. What should i get for reading purpose? Thanks

  24. Getting an iPad Air 3 for fortnite

  25. Thanks for the good videos! And also, I have a question, I want to get a refurbished iPad mini 4 instead of the newest model because it’s cheaper, and I’m wondering if the iPad mini 4 has Apple Pencil support, or only the new one? Thanks

  26. great using now the ipad 6th gen???

  27. Does the ipad air 3 runs on ipados 13?

  28. Good gaming ipad?

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