Comparing PCs to Macs for design
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At the risk of starting a flame war, I decided to compare PC vs. Mac laptops for use in design. Something I didn’t really elaborate on, but I wish I did, was the OS (operating system). I tend to find the Mac OSX a little bit more intuitive and friendly, especially for people newer to computers. Also the built in shortcut system on macs is…

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  1. I know this is a very old video, but which type of comp would you recommend for 3D modeling and rendering?

  2. Hey guys! I'm studying architecture and I want to buy a computer which can help me to use easily archicad and other architectural programs but I'm confused because I have been watching too many videos and I don't know which one to take…so please can u help me to choose the powerful one

  3. thank you Matt.Please help I'm a painter looking to purchase my first computer.I need it portable ,able to handle fine art ,portraits,fashion,I'm ready to upgrade my HTC8 Android phone .Help I don't know whether to switch to Apple or go with the new windows which looks good.I wish I could talk to you.I'd hate to get suckered into something I do not need.I do have several prints I sell in our downtown gift shops.I go to fed Express to have them made.I purchased a Canon printer still in the box.I hope you receive this.I tried to subscribe.I gave you a thumbs up.I'm in San Antonio name is Rachelle?

  4. I'm going to build a desktop PC and buy a 13" 16gb of RAM (I'm doing more than just graphics design) and 256gb SSD

  5. For Textile Designing student
    windows or Mac ?

  6. for revit cad and maya which is better alienware or macbook pro

  7. save money buy a mac… pc sucks when it comes to graphic design applications, i have them both and i use one for gaming & the other for designing. we @ designers in the agency prefer apple over pc.. thats it,

  8. Why'd you compare 2 separate laptop price points? The first Asus one wasn't even close to the MacBook's price point, you should have used a laptop that was similar in price. Review felt a bit biased to Apple

  9. one word "Custom".

  10. Macs are out right better, if you can handle the expenditure. They age way better than windows laptops, hold their resale value longer and can run Windows natively via BootCamp.

    Essentially you're paying for two laptops at the price of a slightly expensive one. That too, a beautiful machined beast.

  11. Please can someone give me a advice ? I am digital artist and I would like to buy a 27 – 5K mac. But now I am reading a lot of negative comments about this…. I don´t know what to do now. I wanted big screen with great resolution and I had Windows all my life and now I would like to try something different .

  12. Dell xps vs macbook air

  13. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  14. I'm a 15 year old aspiring graphic designer and I need a laptop for use at home. My budget is very small and I'm looking to use adobe illustrator and photoshop.

  15. I've been trying to look for a laptop that is around 1000$ that would be great for Art usage (Photoshop,video editing) and some graphic intense games

  16. Actually I'm study designing for long time I used mac the most powerful one macbook pro 15 inch unfortunately now I need to change to windows and I found it very difficult cause there is no keynot or bage apps on make and for me I c the PowerPoint and word are just a trash but I have to change to windows now the autodisck apps are very limited on mac even if they support they are bad with no ? features like windows also windows is great for gaming

  17. In terms of display, which windows base laptop has the best display? (comparable to Mac)

  18. I'm an interior design student and I need to buy a laptop which can handle sketch up with vray and autocad without problems. so which is better mac or windows?

  19. Hey guys, I just bought a laptop, let me know if this is a powerful laptop or just your typical laptop. The specs are:System Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
    System Model HP Pavilion 17 Notebook PC TouchscreenSystem Type x64-based PCProcessor AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon R3 Graphics, 1800 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

  20. Hey guys, can I have a Macbook Air for programming and software engineering?

  21. Apple's computers used to be good. It was made for doing works. Me and my family have been customers since their g3 imacs.My father used to have them for his graphic designing and it was very cutting edge back then. But nowadays they are just overpriced decoration accessories, Since SteveJobs passed away. the products get a lot worst, faster than i thought. They are Easily malfunction, Easily overheat and breakdown. After 2 years+ mostly of your softwares and OS will be outdated. You won't be able to use many new version softwares you used to. They won't let you have any options for older version apps downloads. And they don't give a damn about you because you are an outdated customer. Either buy new ones or deal with it
    I had macbookpro15inch 2012. the graphic card fried lastyear. Repair price was so high. I decided to investthat amount of repair cost into new desktop pc. Which the spec is 3times better edge compare to my mbp back when it was newly released.

  22. PC for everything, macs sucks.

  23. whats the best laptop for graphic design

  24. People Mac,s are using intel processor,s basically you are using a PC with a different OS please don't be fooled into believing the Mac's is better than a PC you have been brain washed by Apple go install Mac OSX on your PC if you think its hog wash

  25. 2016. If you want a job in Silicon Valley or for any real agency then a Mac is necessary. And Adobe is falling when it comes to interactive design and prototyping. The best tools in the industry for web and mobile are native mac apps. Stay on PC and depend on Adobe.

  26. Is it really worth buying a mac so that professionals/uni professors dont judge you? Why is it such a big deal? I would rather buy a PC but I'm on the fence because macs are widely more accepted in the design field

  27. A 'Mac' is a PC. PC is Personal Computer. The subject which you debated earlier in the video is not PC vs Mac but rather OS X vs Windows.

  28. A laptop that kicks off Macbook Pro of the playing field: Asus N552VX

  29. Designers naturally gravitate towards beautiful designs. And since we all draw inspiration from our environment and absorb influences from the designs we come across, being surrounded by beautiful typography and stylish interfaces all the time can also make you a better designer. Mac forever

  30. Processor and Ram, which one is more important ? why?

  31. toshiba satellite c75d-c7217 a good laptop for a graphic design student

  32. What you get for 1000 dollars:

    Mac: i5 with intel graphics and a 5400 rpm HDD.

    Windows: Powerful laptop with i7 and deticated graphics AND NO OVERHEATING

  33. And there are plenty of pc screens that look better than a macks. tell that to the 4k hp and Lenovo, etc. laptops you can get that are like 13 to 14in for 1200 with better specs sooooo.

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