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“Which laptop should I buy in 2019?”, “Which are the best laptops of 2019?” “The best laptops for gamers in 2019?”

These are some questions we get asked every other day and well, we decided to answer your questions once and for all in 2019. In this video, we show you the best laptops for casual users, students, professional users aka pro users, heavy users and…

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  3. msi modern 14 is it good for video editing??

  4. What do you think about the Asus Scar 3?

  5. I want to buy a laptop ranging 70k – 80k.
    Which laptop is good at this range???

  6. I like your mentality bro

  7. I don’t know all these laptops have 8 gigs of RAM

  8. What about Acer swift 3

  9. I use the Asus Vivibook 14 inch, I bought it for Rs 47000, 8th Gen i5-8GB Ram, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia-MX230, I can run Adobe Photoshop'19 and even Premier Pro'19 (with not very fast performance). So, I don't understand the rationale behind a lot of your choices.

  10. My opinion:
    Since I bought Lenovo idea pad,and tested it.Realized,that the more you use the laptop ,the functions of the laptop just stop working.And yeah,every laptop has that,but it lost its functions in about a month.So dont reccomend.?

  11. 2020 upcoming laptops ?

  12. this guy forgot about acer nitro seres

  13. Really it's a good video
    But you should speak in Hindi also so people can better

  14. Any category
    Asus's name is always there
    Surprised to see this

  15. is there any affordable 13 inch thin lap with core i3 (under 45k?)

  16. Hindi me baat karo kaka

  17. waiting for Redmibook

  18. What's your opinion about Acer nitro 5

  19. This is… atrocious..

  20. ???Now the last laptop is not definitely an MSI laptop or MSI company has imitated Asus logo.????

  21. What about Acer swift 3

  22. For laptops judt follw DAVE LEE….he is the best

  23. Also MSI is not goodd……the screen quality of GF63 is very bad……..

  24. WTF That lenovo idea pad isnt suitable for gamming….u should not have made thisss video……are u really jocking…..MX150 isnt even a gamming graphics……….hahaha……also with GTX1050 we cant play 90 percent of games in high settingss…..also there are 2 varients 4gb and a 3gb 1050……….Guyz please dont follow this video….its full of bullshit

  25. Has 330 in list, but no 330s

  26. I hope that you will send me a laptop

  27. what about Laptops for Engineers, like real engineers who do designing and simulation work etc etc. If you may, please review HP Zbook SFF desktop.

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