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Having trouble deciding between the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, MacBook Pro without Touch Bar, Retina MacBook or MacBook Air? Confused about specs? Not sure if upgrades are worth the extra money? AppleInsider explains it all in this breakdown of Apple’s current laptop lineup.

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  1. Updated video for 2019! ► https://youtu.be/j9q06KvOLYI
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  2. Id get the macbook pro. Its not only the design and touchbar,Im saying that its fast,And has Extreme security and wont get hacked! And same with the other macs in the lineup!

  3. All Apple had to do is add a retin1 display for the 11.6 and13 inch Macbook air and update the processers to newer gen Intel jones and that is it

  4. you have be be out of your mind to buy any of this overpriced crap

  5. I am using 13inch for the last four years and it works great, expect for 2 things. One, never use screen solutions, that outer coating on my display has been scrubbed here n there because of the solution I used. Other is the MagSafe 2 charger. I have to buy the 3rd one now. Apple charger does not last more than 2 years. I used a duplicate one and it also lasted for 2 years and worked great at half its price. Small things but otherwise great machine.

  6. 2:54 How's The TouchBar Useful??? and I feel This Video it's been Rushed Out…

  7. RIP 12inch MacBook

  8. Which one good for aviation and auto cad (architects )

  9. I’ve got the 2017 13” MBP (1TB, 16 GB, 2.5 GHz i7). I love it!

  10. Which MacBook is right for you? Well, not even one of them cuz they all suck.

  11. I’m happy with my silver MacBook air?♥️✨?

  12. TL:DR don't buy a MacBook air, the 2018 one is OK but a normal MacBook is good if you are after thinness.

  13. idk the air seems like the only decent one, having the conveniency of ports, but the downside is the display. Then again I am also thinking of this the Razer Blade stealth but idk it's tough

  14. My decision is 13 inch MacBook Air. Thank you ? for the video.

  15. Can you say: All Overpriced?, they are doomed anyway, now the prices should come down or go out of business.

  16. My decision is previous 15 inch MacBook Pro. Thank you ? for the video.

  17. My decision is 15 inch MacBook Pro. Thank you ? for the video.

  18. The reason is lighter, more performance, new 3rd generation butterflies ? keys,
    Better trackpad, and Touch ID

  19. Hey ? I got 1 more thing, i want to upgrade to the 13 inch MacBook Pro Touch bar, thank you ? if you appreciate.

  20. Hey ? apple insider this video is the best video I have ever seen thank you ? for the video and my decision is 15 inch MacBook Pro thank you ?.

  21. Apple insider, I can’t upgrade the 13 inch base model MacBook Pro to the I7 processer, so I’m just going to the I5 processer.

  22. Hey ? apple insider, I got one ☝️ more thing I want to upgrade the MacBook Pro base model to the i7 processer

  23. And my decision is 13 inch base model!

  24. Thank you ? for this video, you make my decision right! ?

  25. Just get the 2015 13'' MBP and be happy forever


  27. The 12 hour use on MacBook Air is a lie

  28. what should i buy mac book air or mac book pro

  29. The answer is Samsung

  30. You should update this video with 2018 models!

  31. As i am into the acccounting professiona i do lot of spreadsheet works and documentation works. sometimes i do handle intensive macro excel work books based on the client requirement. what would be your suggestion if i go for Macbook pro 2017 256 model.without touch bar?

  32. which is the cheapest? i just wanna play roblox!

  33. Build a PC don’t buy a MacBook or iMac

  34. I have MacBook air 2013 and I'm gonna upgrade on 2018 MacBook air

  35. MacBook <3 been my dream for AGES to get it. Will one day…I hope

  36. I refuse to carry more than 1kg.

  37. The NoMacbook series.

  38. I really wanted the macbook for the photobooth haha lol.

  39. anyone else watching this on a macbook pro?

  40. I’m going to college next year and looking into getting the MacBook Air but not sure

  41. ooh that ugly blur transition all the time

  42. Soooo which one is the best for gaming?

  43. if you still want to play a game on macbook,i recomend you pick the 2017-2018 version,pick the 15 inch,dont get fooled,pick a macbook pro 15 inch,because,15 inch is has a dedicated graphic

  44. Which macbook is great for you?
    inserts image of ibook clamshell

  45. ;c I got no money

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