The new iPhones are now available to order, but which one do you choose? We break down the differences and give our recommendation on which iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max to choose!

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  1. In September 28, I got the Product Red, 128 GB IPhone 11 on Verizon.

  2. I'm getting the 256gb 11 pro gold. Upgrading from an iPhone 7.

  3. Got the white iPhone 11 fuck the pro

  4. i’m getting the 64 GB gold 11 pro!:)) coming from the XR

  5. iphone 11 pro max with 64gb or iphone 11 with 128gb???

  6. Going from a 6s Plus to an 11 Pro Max this Christmas. I'm really excited for the OLED display and Telephoto lens camera mostly, but I also prefer the larger size because my eyesight is awful and I like to have the screen real-estate for my content.

  7. I have the xr….should I wait another year or so ?

  8. My iPhone X is full.. (I obviously need more storage). I also take a lot of pictures & videos of bands @ music venues.. so I’m heading out 2 get the IPHONE 11 Pro.
    I will again .. buy black.
    Also.. I have all my old phones because I don’t know who recycles.. & I don’t trust that everyone knows how 2 recycle electronics properly. ?‍♀️

  9. I got 11 pro in gold colors?

  10. At the end nothing conclusion only title makes big impact but it is another bla bla story hopeless get nothing out of this guy what to choose.

  11. When the pro is like a different phone…

  12. I remember when I first spent a grand & some change on a laptop..remember thinking it was somewhat rediculous but I still love it & use it for everything, including career purposes. Yet an iPhone 11pro max with an apw5 would be $500 past the what I paid for…face emojis or slowfies or something

  13. Hopefully will be upgrading from the 8 plus to the 11 pro. , The 11 pro itself is smaller than the 8 plus but the the screen is bigger at 5.8 inches while the 8 plus has 5.5

  14. Great video
    What about choosing between Iphone 11 and iphone Xs. The difference of price is even lower.

  15. Just picked up the 11 pro in space gray

  16. Is the deep fusion technology avilable on the 11, or just in the 11 pros?

  17. None.
    11 low res display. You'll feel you got deviced.
    11 pro small and too expensive.
    11 pro max ugly notch and too expensive.


    Conclusion is.
    I'm Just kidding get whatever you like, just saying, apple don't care about numbers of the hardware they're just good at making phones with budget materials. They emphasize the OS to work more efficiently so the customer likes it.
    The most important is that you enjoy your phone what so ever the hardware is.

  18. Guys plzzz help me to know price if 8+ (USA$) price ..plzzz help

  19. People actually buying that ugly ass pro, ew

  20. Im buying the black iphone 11 i changed my mind i said i was gonna get white but nvm

  21. Why are some of the camera bumps the color of the phone but some are black? Seen different versions on different videos

  22. Time to upgrade from the xr to the pro max ?

  23. So the iPhone 11 is an Xr with Xs features with the advanced a13 chip.

  24. Just got the new generation ipad air with a beautiful screen and honestly satisfied with 8 plus and Samsung note 8 cams im upgrading from so the 11 will be fine. I'd rather spend the extra on a storage version for a base 11. The base 11 cam is a beast. The pros cams are just super beasts. Not that serious ??‍♂️

  25. I’m getting iPhone 11 Pro Max space gray the highest gig with OtterBox case beats pro

  26. Preordered the 11 Pro Max with 256 gb in midnight green.

  27. Preordered the pro max silver at 256 GB’s…. was gonna do space grey but I’ve been very loyal to that color for a while now so I wanted something different lmao

  28. How much ram is in the 11 ?

  29. iphone 11 pro…. …of course

  30. I still have the IPhone 6

  31. They're both ugly phones

  32. I think that I cud get iPhone 11, in cooler purple

  33. My iPhone 7 Plus has a better display than the iPhone 11. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’ll probably get the 11 Pro Max for the display, 3rd camera and better battery life.

  34. Give away please

  35. iPhone 8, this one!

  36. I really like iPhone 11 i think its a pretty good upgrade from 6s to iPhone 11 ❤️

  37. I will get the iPhone 11 purple, thanks for helping me to confirm my choice!

  38. Which ever one doesn't have a Apple on it

  39. You’re idownloadblog don’t try to fool me

  40. Focus on the iphones not on your face??????????

  41. Guys, just buy the iPhone 11, period.

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