Thoughts on the 7th generation iPad 1 month after release! $329
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John Hill YouTube:
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  1. I Love Mine…Ive Had Ipads For The Last 5-6 Years…Love Them,and Like this 10.2 One As Well…

  2. What is the app he uses called?

  3. why does this ipad looks different from the one available on the stores ?

  4. Just so you know the bezels have nothing to do with letterboxing. It is the aspect ratio of the screen that creates letterboxing. Rick

  5. I been think about this or the ipad air 3. The air one had great open box deals. I probably spend the extra $100.

  6. You are so pretty unboxer

  7. its for my broke ass

  8. I’m using the same iPad.
    I am very satisfied ?

  9. What drawing apps did u use

  10. Not to be nit picky on a great review but one can argue bezels on tablets encourage the device to be held with out worrying about mishits on the sides, an issue I’ve had with some devices in the past.

  11. as a law student, this is enough for me, you can read you write, do not need anything else, so you know if you are boring and poor, this device is for you.

  12. If like Sarah you would prefer a Samsung tablet then the tab a 10.1 is pretty good

  13. Is this good for gaming?

  14. Sound is better on the Samsung too. But iPad is better for drawing.

  15. I love my iPad… take it everywhere… still don’t know WTF “Shortcuts” does.

    Is there a shortcut to delete every time a millennial says “like”??

  16. I use my iPad's bezels to hold on to it, like a normal person.

  17. You're so fkling sexy

  18. Speaking with a gay voice when your not… is gay. Gay people speak like 80's valley girls which is also just another sheeple thing. Just gayer.

  19. I am thinking of the iPad Air 3, slightly more expensive, but a better processor.

  20. Nope. Maybe Next time I’ll watch lol

  21. Will it run photoshop smoothly???

  22. You are very cut girl ??

  23. It’s not only for Netflix I guess it because yo don’t even know how and where to use it

  24. No review.. only promotions ?

  25. Just zoom it in to watch Netflix :p

  26. Maybe I'll buy that iPad this year. It seems very good. I didn't know the Shortcuts app, thanks. It's cool and useful like the old Automator on Mac OS. I love this kind of app.

  27. I will never buy a Samsung tablet after the crummy one I had once.

  28. Ipad is a brilliant productivity tool gadget….you can do a lot of things ..when your walking…when your in bus standing..on trains..on subways..things that you can do that a lap top cant do….."Handy Compact" Ipad

  29. No ipad.. I choose her… She's cute.. Roaaar

  30. That guy's teeth are so white it's making me anxious.

  31. Your haircolor is my goals, I am taking a screenshot lol

  32. Your video is so much fun to watch!

  33. Clean My Mac secretly installed a lot of malware back in the day 😀 Ruined a computer and made another one suffer for a long time…

  34. Am I the only one that thought this was Madeleine pitch by the thumbnail

  35. Which app he(Johnhill) used for illustrations ? I didnt get that

  36. I’m soo great full cuz my dad is buying me one on tues

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