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Akai Professional MPK25

Maschine MK3

Maschine MK3 mikro

Roland Sp-404sx

Ableton Push 2 Controller…

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  1. What's your DAW of choice? and WHY?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

  2. Make samples of your voice and include them in the beats.

  3. Maschine MK3 and Native Instruments Software is my Goto. Thanks for this post Fam????‍?

  4. Ableton all day, and now espi 1200 like main sketch for beats, controlled with mpc studio silver, but i gonna get 404 soon.

  5. Hey Sarah. I understand the Maschine Love. It's not perfect but it's a great system for making music and due to it's positives and negatives it's the reason why I now have quite a few different workflows.
    My NI set up consists of Komplete Kontrol S61 mk2, Maschine Mikro mk2 and Maschine Jam. It's a great workflow. Chopping samples is fast and the sound library is vast.
    My current Akai MPC set up is just the MPC500 at the moment as my MPC2000XL is being fixed and upgraded. 
    Originally I started using an MPC60 II that belonged to a producer friend back in the mid 90's, then I bought a MPC2000 towards the end of the 90's when I made my first set up. I didn't really get how to use it so my oldest son who was 11 at the time used it much more than I ever did. My preference was to use Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator) on Sony Playstation alongside a Yamaha DJX. Then I moved on to using Reason 2.5 rewired with Cakewalk Sonar 3 and I sticked with that format upgrade to Reason 3 then 5 and Sonar 6 then 8.5 over the years. I bought the MPC500 around this time but never really got into the MPC workflow (again) as Reason was so much more powerful and easier to use so I parked it. 
    When I moved to Apple Mac I switched to Logic and Maschine Jam. The Jam can do so much. I was hooked. I wanted to play the pads though so I bought the Mikro to pair with it then the S61 to play keys. Sometimes the Maschine/Komplete software can get heavy on the CPU which is annoying so I built an analogue set up with a couple of high end new analogue synths (Moog Sub37 and Korg Prologue 16) and a few vintage ones along with an Arturia Drumbrute analogue drum machine and a Novation Circuit groove box. I took the MPC500 out of storage and learned to use it properly a few months ago and now that is integral in my set up. Aside from making beats with it I also use it to sequence my Korg Prologue which doesn't have an on board sequencer.
    It's great to have a variety of tools to be able to create what is in our mind. Practice makes perfect though and even if we only have one unit to make music with as long as we use it to the best of it's potential with a great idea then we have a great chance of making something awesome that others will find entertaining and inspirational.

  6. Ughhhh… another hip hop button pusher.

  7. Mate✌? love this video.. it’s really informative and inspiring! Your smashing it mate!! Keep on?

  8. Maschine Mk3 and Presonus StudioOne4.

  9. Hey black hot! I am dead sure we have two very important things in common.. we both love ur hair-style and the MASCHINE 🙂

  10. I have the Maschine MKII and it is amazing!! I am thinking about maybe eventually getting the studio edition but I can do anything I need to do with the MKII….what's the point!? I really want to do your course and see how you use it and maybe learn a thing or two from you! 😀

  11. Anymore, I make beats in maschine, but I use Ableton for my arrangements. Something about using that helps, but I make everything beat wise in maschine then drag over my audio. That's me personally tho.

  12. You actually got me interested in maschine – im a big ableton user and I had lots of experience using the push 1 & 2,, but seeing you jam so effortlessly on mk3 eventually got me to save up for and invest in one – EVEN though i generally like to not have too much gear. You mentioned you may buy push 2 one day. I want to share my experience. i way prefer mk3 to push 2 because of its sample editing capabilities FROM the hardware itself. Ableton is much more powerful as a DAW IMO, but if you're trying to really, and i mean REALLY get away from the screen, i think mk3 outperforms the push 2 in that regard for us sample based beat makers (so i actually have since sold my push 2). If you ever want to do research before you potentially invest in a push 2 I have a more in depth comparison on my channel between push 2 and mk3 that may help you. Hope you and D are happy and well!

  13. Machine is awesome and its gonna get waayyy better with these new changes & updates they're adding ?????

  14. i Use Logic because is the best daw 4 not heating up your computer but i also have maschine in slave mode……

  15. I used to use the MPC 2000 with ProTools.

    I then went Straight Garage Band.

    Then Garage Band and mix in Pro Tools.

    Now I’m using the Maschine MK3 and mixing down in ProTools.

    If I go waaaaayyyyy back, I used to make my drum tracks on the MPC 60 and other instruments on Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus.

  16. As for audio production (recording, mixing and mastering), I've been using Pro Tools for about 12 years and I started using Maschine 2 for music production since August 2019. I love my workflow and it helps me focus on my creativity flow as I make beats, record vocals and engineered them altogether

  17. I rock Maschine MK3 cause I suck and it looks fly!

  18. MPC 2000 Classic for production, Ableton Live for Mixing, Sp 404 Sx for effects, sometimes Is better to work with limitations, It makes you More creative, What I love about Maschine are the sound design tools, and the amazing sample libraries like kontakt, much love and respect from México, love your music.

  19. PS if you're going Vintage AKAI, go MPC 3000 (I sold mine recently) But it'll be a treasure hunt! most won't get rid of theirs. Also, it's the last one Roger Linn made and has a mistake it in that gives it the classic swing ALL DAW's try to emulate. hope that helps

  20. When you're in Atlanta, we'll collaborate and use my MPC X!

  21. Nah sarah the best DAW of 2020 is Tascam 4-Track……..


  22. Logic… Maschine does have amazing pads, I have the MK III. I ended up on Logic because as an artist I decided to go with an Imac. I was not happy though when I was forced to upgrade and pay an extra $200 for Logic X. All my music was made on Logic Pro 9 so I couldn’t even play my tracks without bailing them out of Apple jail, I thought it was pretty shady. Now of course I love Logic X. Unfortunately everybody’s good luck on acquiring Alchemy with the upgrade was a let down for me because I had bought Alchemy right before Apple bought it out from Camel Audio and I had saved up for every sound pack and bought the complete product. So upgrading to Logic X actually cost me $1200 if you look at it that way. Plus Alchemy 2 in Logic doesn’t support the all the original Alchemy 1 expansions so I’m forced to have both versions taking up space on my hard drive or throw away hundreds of $$$. It is what it is….. ?

  23. The maschine SP combo is deadly haha

  24. I really like Maschine when I use the Maschine though other than that my go to is back to studio one 4 because I’m use to the keyboard to play with my samples and my keyboard has pads on it as well. But nothing beats the mixing methods to me on Maschine. It feels easier to mix

  25. Wanted to say thank you for the inspiration to buy a Roland SP-404SX! I have used Ableton and play with sounds but the Roland is impressive, Especially when I see someone djing with!

  26. I'm like why, did they finally drop 3.0 with a song mode?

  27. So thick so smooth -Sarah describes a beat maker

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