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This definitely isn’t the usual subject matter of the videos on this channel but I thought this might be helpful for anyone looking to buy ether activity tracker. Enjoy!

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  1. Because I will give you all my money if you give me you’re Fitbit

  2. Can I have your Fitbit

  3. Good review. I agree with all you said. Thank you!

  4. Very informative. Thanks so much.

  5. Thank you so much for your great demo comparing the 2 products! I almost bought the Fitbit charge but I found out that the bands are not changeable and the battery isn’t great! So let’s try Garmin product instead?

  6. I’ve got one and it did last a year

  7. I must be really lucky with Fitbits; my original Charge HR only needed charging every 4-5 days and I did by rota on two certain evenings when I was sitting around. I wore it day and night and it did eventually have the strap issue, but Fitbit happily change the unit out without argument. I've now upgraded to The Charge2 HR and again it mostly last up to a week on a charge, occasional exception is when I do lots of GPS recordings but that is rare as I mostly use Strava app on my phone for that or my Garmin cycle computer. The fact that I don't dedicate all my exercise to Fitbit may account for all of this, but I only use it as a general daily fitness tracker, and use a dedicated app or device for specific exercises.

  8. I have the white Garmin Vivofit 3, I love I will never go back to a classic watch.

  9. does it display in the metric system?

  10. The vivofit 2 has lasted more than a year now without showing any sign of the battery dying.

  11. We bought our Vivofit 2's at Christmas 2016. I will be replacing the batteries this afternoon. That is a year and 10 months on the original batteries. Not bad eh?

  12. The Charge in Fitbit Charge refers to the constant need to charge it up.

  13. can you make a video of a garmin vivofit jr

  14. my move iq is detecting everything I do as walking. Today I did an hour of chest & tris & said I was walking any suggestions on how to fix this???

  15. the same exact thing happened to my fitbit charge!!! I swear you are talking about my fitbit!

  16. It has much over 1 year of battery life, at least with mine as I barely sync

  17. U might had a defective one, cuz mine (fitbit flex) which was purchased Dec.2015 and battery life still the same… just saying

  18. I know the Vivofit 3 now has automatic sleep detection (meaning you don't need to manually switch on sleep mode when you go to bed and switch off sleep mode when you wake up). However is it possible to use manual sleep mode on Vivofit 3 and not rely on automatic sleep detection?

  19. Using the vivofit 3 now myself and I find it to be a lot more accurate counting steps than the Fitbit surge. The Fitbit registers a lot of steps (750) per day when I'm working on my pc in work.

  20. great review. only issue is the Garmin Vivofit 3 is absolutely waterproof to 164 ft deep… so you can shower, swim, splash AND dive with it! every Garmin wearable and watch sold today is 100% waterproof as opposed to Fitbit which only has one, the Flex 2 which has no screen.

  21. one of the best reviews! one doesn't Fitbit have heart rate monitor?

  22. I currently have a Charge HR, and looking to buy a Garmin watch so I am looking toward reviews for help. First Charge HR I had, developed the same battery issue that you're describing. When I contacted Fitbit they were wondering how I was charging my device. I used an outlet supposedly that's what killed my battery and they told me to use a computer instead. They sent me a replacement. 8 months later it's now the replacement that is bubbling like you explained about your friends watch and it's hideous.

  23. Great review! Just wondering what software did you use to edit the video. Thanks!

  24. You look like Sirius Black from Harry Potter!!!! Funny

  25. Fair and balanced review. Thank you. Only correction I'd make is that vivofit3 is actually waterproof, not just water resistant or splash proof. It can handle depths of up to 5 ATM (50 meters).

    I've had Garmin's vivoactive device for almost 2 years now. I've used it submerged in ocean water for hours, over several days. It handled nicely and was unaffected even by salt water. I also often get in the shower without removing it.

    As far as I know, all of Garmin's activity trackers are waterproof.

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