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The Bose Quiet Comfort 25 active noise cancelling headphones may be the best value over-ear cans you can get in 2018- unless poor build quality gives competitors like Sony, Mpow, and Cowin a chance to catch up…

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  1. These headphones are alright, I think they are overpriced though. I have the qc3, beats studios 3 and the Sony x1000. All these headphones have their strengths and weaknesses depending on content u listening to. For me the beats studios 3 sounds the best with the deepest base that thumps. The Sony 1000 sounds good that pics up base highs which I like but it only happen on some songs and the bose has the best clarity with good base but for me I choose the beats out of all them as far as listening to music

  2. I was fixing few of these and usually it was just a bad soldered cable…

  3. The dapperness is unparalleled.

  4. That's why my friends from West keep asking me, that I'm good in math or not ???
    Brah I'm not ???

  5. I literally just had the Cowin E7's delivered an hour ago and they SUCK!! They sound terrible and the noise canceling is pretty worthless. The only thing it accomplishes is killing the bass. I DO NOT recommend them.

  6. You're in a Cessna from the 70's that is literally held together with some duct tape. That's commitment!!

  7. what's cool is that I have flown a plane. at age 13.

    it was part of the program to get teenagers interested in flying, you would go up with an instructor and they would explain how it works and how to fly the plane. then, you would take the wheel and fly around however you wanted to.

  8. Actually Sony WH-1000XM3 cancel noise even better than Bose

  9. You look more cooler in these clothes

  10. I am glad to see your eyeglasses lenses are anti reflective coated. So many people have shitty glass in their eyeglasses as if they don't care it affects everything they see

  11. i used these Bose headphones (wired) and the ring that goes over the ear is very easy to wear and tear. the ring comepletely fell off after 10 weeks

  12. Ha… listening on a pair of these. Paid $120 ish a year ago. Good in my miata, comfortable and they do sound good. There is no such thing as noise cancellation though. They're just better at reduction than most.

  13. You guys should bring this series back

  14. "People with jobs." ???

  15. shame they can't do it the other way round then I wouldn't have to listen to awful second hand Tish Tish Tish everytime I have to use a bus.
    my only solution at present is to put on some earbuds myself to drown it out.

  16. The 1 star reviews on the QC 25 is absolutely wrong. I've had the headphones for 2 years. It has always Taken hard beat by me, weather if it falls on the ground and towing them on the floor, or just minor impacts, It always stands up again. I haven't used it for the past 7 months, because the temperature was high, but recently I put them on, works like new. Therefore, it's either Amazon sended them a fake/issued products(if you are not aware yes they do that), or just people scamming trying to bring the popularity down.

  17. Im gonna say the [ADVERTISER FRIENDLY]

  18. I got my pair of these free from a friend. Well, I had to replace the ear cushions and cord but that was 5 bucks for both. $5 ain't bad for them.

  19. Hold up, at 7:20 , won't the sound get upside down?

  20. Your voice hurts my ears and I don't like elitist greedy pig companies who get it made in China and exploit people with products made for £5-10 and sell for £350.

  21. Ha try using there aviation headsets, Im a pilot and I use their A20s the noise canceling on those are insane compared to the quite comforts

  22. yo dis nigga used to have a eyebrow ring yo wtf dats gay as hell

  23. who is paying you?

  24. just another cheap advertisement.

  25. one big commercial of bose
    linus fuck you

  26. I like your outfit a lot linus, looking good

  27. Lol the pilot is rocking DH noise cancelling headset instead of Bose A20’s in Bose sponsored content.

  28. my iq went up by at least 50 points just listening to turtleneck linus

  29. Because marketing..

  30. 0:57 is that Heath Ledger ?

  31. MANY of the pilots here at the BIG airline who have lost hearing wear Bose… one guy told me as with everything, "Its investing in your career"..… Correct!!

  32. I’m from the future
    Let me tell you something
    You thought 200$ was a lot?
    The new bose 700 is 400$


  34. Watching this video with HD 650s. Certainly worth every dollar I paid for them.

  35. I like the fact you swear in your reviews, although I'm at a loss to think of any routine swear that ends in "holding a baby kangaroo."

  36. first set I got I couldn't use the volume because I noticed it said for Apple even though the salesperson said it would work. Once I exchanged I had no problem with music control on the Android.
    But yes the cable did go from one to both working after a little use but once I get it to work both sides it stays that way until next usage. I've had mine for 3-4 years and used to wear them 8hrs a day for the first year and had to get replacement foam after the 2nd year. Still worth it to me and won't upgrade to the Bluetooth version until my qc 25 completely breaks/I can get it for $150

  37. But how do they sound?… I've been apprehensive of buying headphones until recently I just bought 2 very carefully selected and reputable ones. One cost like 80 Dollars (but is apparently and sadly used in studios all around the world), and one cost more like 150 Dollars… and they both suck.

  38. May God bless you.

  39. A friend of mine told me to buy the Sony xm3. I love it. I've also tried the BOSE QC35 II which seems to be a little bit more comfortable

  40. Should check out my friends hesdphones! She designs them herself. Maryjane Diamond from spokane. Dblabs Omega is her brand name. They sound like live music; absolutely incredible and clean!!!

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