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  1. What you guys think about these rumours !

    Any Fitbit share owners or watch owners out there ?

  2. Buy Walmart great earnings conference call. E-commerce up 41% think about that. Walmart way under valued.

  3. Hey on average how much a month you make off YouTube

  4. Epic video! I watched the whole thing lol

  5. I knew it wasn't a rumor, held my shares, 89 percent of one of my portfolios..Cha ching on the swing!!!! but i think its gonna dip then shoot of like a ICBM !!!

  6. If google buys Fitbit I know that automatically your info will not be safe and your date will be sold! If this happens I am throwing away my Fitbit, I hope google does not own fitbit

  7. Man this channel is really dying :/

  8. Yea I own shares.. I'm looking at over 100% turn over here. And I think it'll surge more if the deal does go through.

  9. They want us fat bro

  10. It looks like fitbit was used to make money. Yep make the profits and move on don't think Fitbit is a long term stock.

  11. Shiiiiit, i could've got in at $3 a couple months ago. It's probably too late to get in now.

  12. Hi, I currently hold 500 shares of FIT, should I sell it tonight or keep holding it ? Thank you ?

  13. I know this is off topic but do you still recommend selling electronic ?

  14. Damm my boy you have like 5 TVs in one room, I didn't know you were balling like that.?

  15. Video got super laggy for me

  16. well I think this is a great time to by shares of fitbit

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