Why you should buy a Laptop over a Desktop – Why a Laptop is Better than a Desktop.
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  1. I think laptop is best

  2. I have both, a laptop with i3 6th gen to study and do some work, and a desktop with ryzen 7 2700 to do gaming stuff and other stuff that with a bigger screen is better. Gaming laptop is too suck yet, they heat up too much, too heavy, too much noise and don't are too much powerful even to play light weigh games.

  3. Laptops are way less reliable and upgradable and most reviews say the performance isn’t very good. And the mobile parts in the laptop are not nearly as good as it’s counterpart the desktop. Sometimes you can’t even find the parts to upgrade a laptop. And the they are very loud because of the width and size of the fans. Also the laptop in the video I can assume that it costs a lot more compared to that desktop

  4. Where I live pre-built desktops are always more expensive than laptops of comparable stats. Without the peripherals.

  5. 1) the same performance cost more in laptop realisation
    2)good performance laptops are heavy, what made laptop less mobile
    3)desktop one can upgrade by parts, laptops sometimes is not upgradable at all
    4)desktop propose better comfort like wide screen, big keyboard and nice sound, of course one can buy it for laptop, but anyway you cannot take its into travel

    As concerning about me, personally, I prefer to have powerful desktop and light 12-14 inch laptop in a case. Most funny, but at the moment this solution even cheaper than one powerful laptop. Moreover powerful laptop is still too heavy, and problem with throttling on laptops is very annoying

  6. Sold me. I'm now buying a desktop!

  7. Desktop has a better cooling system laptops always get warm ? on lap

  8. Laptop better? r u kidding? so a new sport car is more powerfull than an old dumptruck. LOL.

  9. Depends who you are. I don’t want to be editing video or mixing a track on my couch on a tiny screen. I use an iMac, when I need to work, I’m at my workstation, when I’m done working, I relax in the couch. Desktops are far more bang for your buck because they generally are more upgradeable and therefore last longer when you upgrade components. Laptops are nice and all, but for casual use, in that case, a phone or a tablet might be all you really need for mobile use.

  10. Price…….Drawing Tablet….. Tablet + PC is the best.

  11. When batteries are gone you grab your dick and charge!

  12. at present which laptop is powerful to run heavy software and do multitasking, runnning multi tabs in 3 browsers simultaneously. i mean laptop which can multitasking smmothly and running 3 heavy software simultaneously (such as R programming, SPSS)

  13. but i love my 27" screen monitor

  14. You could probably build an entire mini itx system that fits in that gpu enclosure

  15. Yes laptops are more portable. But, other devices are way more portable like tablets and smartphones. So saying that portability is a selling point when I have a portable computer in my pocket 24/7 isn't exactly a selling point

  16. Man I don’t even care about this topic, I just like your voice.

  17. Dont need portabilty. Buyed a desktop, all in, no extra boxes, cables and so on. And the best at the end. Much cheaper.

  18. I rather build a pc for 7$ and the rest money for hiring people to carry it arround with meh

  19. Hey! Great video.

    Also wondering, my video editing desktop is outdated and i want to upgrade it. Though i am looking for some portability as well.
    But i am also scared that i will not be able to properly edit videos on 15'' screen, so i would like to find laptop which is able to be connected to the external display, to the external GPU and will be powerfull enough to edit videos.

    Is gygabite aero 15w a good choice for these purposes?

  20. Wooooooooo nice mate! Keep 'em coming.

  21. I went on the PLE build page the other day and built a PC with the same spec as my current lappy (Zephyrus GX502) and the price difference was negligible !

    Have been using laptops since 2004

  22. what laptop is your daily driver?

  23. That much depends on what are you going to use your device for. i can't have a laptop that is awesome for work and play at the same time unfortunately =/

  24. it would be interesting to compare performance between these laptops and the desktop PC with lots of numbers 🙂

  25. Can u do review of new razor 17inch…seen a lot of positive reviews…i suspect most of them were bought…i used razor in the past and they were shit

  26. Hey! I saw your review on the asus zenbook ux391ua… I want to buy a new laptop and I don't know whether to buy that one or the new zenbook 13 ux333fa with the i5? Which one would you recommend

  27. I had a quick question for you…for non-pro users, what video editing program do you recommend? Final cut is great but beyond my needs. Thanks a bunch! Keep up the great work! I dont have a 4k camera by the way. All HD.

  28. Good point/s you have made. I have been considering this again myself. OH, well only time will tell.

  29. Desktops are fully upgradable for a lot less than laptops I would have both

  30. I think you should probably buy a tablet. Faster than laptops and you don't need a lap.

  31. I am tired of people saying desktop is better.
    Sacrifice 10-15% of performence for portability.
    I move my laptop 15-25 times each month I even have a backpack with full gaming laptop setup.
    Backpack that can keep me occupied during my wife's 6 hours long shopping trips.
    I work in 12 hours shifts and I get 4-5 hours of free time at work alone, so I use it for gaming and come home fresh with no urge to game.

  32. You just started a gang war

  33. Well i would say a e-gpu turns a laptop into a desktop to have that additional power but yeah unless the desktop has to be a serious workstation, laptops are much more enough for gaming and personal use. I hope someday they release 100%customizable laptos, like those from eluktronics but with selectable motherboards.

  34. I have tried using a laptop only with external displays. Though I have an old GL702VM with an i7 6700hq with GTX 1060 since 4q 2015, I have trouble with portability, since I am an electrical engineer by profession and need editing on the fly.

    Nowadays, the perfect combo in my opinion would be a surface pro or go as a secondary pc for annotating and excel use onsite, and a more powerful desktop at home and in the office for CAD and design work. Currently using the said laptop that's now almost 4 years old, together with a surface go.

    The result was great, and I am now targetting to build an ITX workstation to replace my old laptop. It would really depend on your workflow and use case. Cheers!

  35. Nah….While I love laptops for their portability, (and with my son going off to college?…I'll need to be even more portable than ever before when I go to visit him!) But when it comes to doing "work" (I'm a fledgling programmer trying to learn C++ / Python!) I need the horsepower of my desktop. And I'n not one of those who needs flashy lights-everywhere kinds of devices, I have a simple Lenovo ThinkCentre M-83, with a 128GB SSD for the OS (Fedora Linux) and an 8TB Hard Drive for storage, with an i7 and 32GB of RAM. So…nah….but I don't deny that some laptops are getting more and more powerful….but I'm old school and love my desktop setup! And I have lots of nice "toys" that go with it!:

    Speakers: https://amzn.to/2RLAord (I aid I didn't need a flashy DESKTOP, said NOTHING about the speakers!….LoL!)

    Keyboard: https://bit.ly/2LtH9wA

    Monitor: https://amzn.to/2IWfzGx

    USB Hub: https://amzn.to/2Xdp2lC

    Desk: https://amzn.to/2KQ8iKK

    Mouse: https://amzn.to/2IY93iT

    Just my opinion on the matter!

  36. Hello sir. What Thunderbolt 3 external enclosure that (you mentioned it had a video card, sound card, possible capture card, etc.) that is connected to the Macbook Pro?

  37. Who wants to go working with a desktop on his back ?

  38. Is the alienware area 51m rtx 2080 really parallel to a desktop rtx 2080 ? Its not a laptop rtx 2080 with just higher clock rate from factory ?

  39. Breaking traditional thinking

  40. I have to disagree My 12v powered mini itx 3770 desktop is as portable as any laptop and can run on any 12v power and a portable 15” touch screens are not that expensive now and I love my micro Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad I use from the couch. I typically don’t like laptops because they have to many compromises and usually the parts they use aren’t the best quality b grade screens and all that. Along with if it runs under 80c now that’s acceptable for some reason. what happened to 50-60c under use?

  41. Hi guys , i have searched so many options to buy new laptop , i am a gamer and i am also python/django programmer maybe in the future i want to work on machine learning so i need powerful and fast laptop after i searched options i have found this monster and trust me this laptop is awesome https://amzn.to/2XD9A1A

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