Black Shark review after 5 weeks, is a gaming mobile really worth it over another mobile with the same spec? Gaming review: It’s $469 here: Gearbest: Banggood: Geekbuying:

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  1. Xiaomi Mi 8 SE in-depth hands-on now online. This is the cheaper SD710 5.88" model:

  2. Its not a gimmick i compare it with a70 it work better with the price

  3. you dont going out with this phone you dont need camera gamers dont use camera

  4. Not a fan of the green on it tho

  5. what's the joystick you're using?

  6. What is the name of game in 6:00?

  7. I do not have this feature why screen record settings

  8. Dont forget emulation. Its a legend compaired to modern flagships.

  9. Well, I did play the Chinese games that BlackShark supports so yeah, it's the best affordable gaming phone ? I have the OnePlus 6 btw purely for compensating as my camera phone

  10. on your video black shark AnTuTu Benchmark is similar of another Snapdragon 845 chipset. It is not true please check out to latast Antutu benchmark score of black shark it is around.290000+.

  11. does the xiaomi black shark gamepad works on other phone? like connecting and costumize it? no one ever made a video about the black shark controller works on other phone

  12. Sir plzz comment me back should we buy the control pad as an extra accesori or it already come with it.

  13. Perfect, keep up the good work

  14. Do you have a link where we can buy the gaming joystick controller?

  15. When will the Mi 8 arrive?

  16. Hey! Great video, and I realised that gaming phones are not for me.
    Please try to get your hands on a Nokia X6 and do a review and comparison with similarly priced Xiaomi phones, as the phone seems really interesting, especially for the price. I'd also love to watch a review of the mi 8se! Hope to see it soon!!

  17. When will you review Xiaomi Mi 8? Earnestly waiting for it.

  18. Can you review Honor Play please ?

  19. It’s a tough question. I personally really like the trend of high end mobile phones geared towards gaming. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a “perfect gaming handheld” and have had way too many contenders between my first Sega Game Gear in 1991 and slapping a Gamevice on my iPhone X today.

    The problem with Android gaming phones is only partially in the hardware. These “gaming phones” offer only slightly better performance than a current flagship, at the expense of everything else that makes a smartphone good. None of the manufacturers have found the perfect controller, and none of the dedicated controllers for these “gaming phones” offer a significant improvement over a OnePlus 6 with a Gamesir Bluetooth controller.

    But the bigger problem is the software: ironically, when it comes to mobile gaming, iOS reigns supreme. iOS gets better support from pretty much every major developer. That means that for serious games (ie: the games people buying gaming phones are likely to play) come to iOS earlier (if not exclusively), get better support, faster updates, and have a far larger user base for multiplayer games (if they aren’t cross platform).

    Android has been catching up, though, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many of my premium iPhone games I found showing up on the Play Store and most of them ran perfectly fine on my Xiaomi Mix 2.

    But even now, Android isn’t a real gaming platform, at least not enough to justify a dedicated gaming phone. My hope is that hardware like this , the Red Magic, Razer Phone and ROG Phone serve as incentives for developers to really push the boundaries of mobile gaming.

    If and when that does, I would jump on buying an Android phone exclusively for handheld gaming. But I’d need to be able to at least play NVIDIA’s Android Ports on that one at a stable 60fps. I’ll buy a phone that put the Tomb Raider reboot in my pocket.

  20. Will the Asus Zenfone 5 and mi8 SE make their way to india???

  21. gaming phone = scam in 2018

  22. Can you review the asus x407 with the Gemini lake chip Intel Celeron N4000 ?

  23. Better wait for rog phone.. much better than this and razer phone.

  24. ROG phone already destroyed this one and the Razer phone

  25. Review for mi 8 se please hehe

  26. Good review. I can't imagine that gaming is important enough to blow a ton of money on a phone. Cameras, calls, productivity apps yet. Games on a tiny screen, no thanks.

  27. Can you do a review of it against mi8? Heating, battery life test and screen quality especially

  28. Does open camera stutter during 4k video on your note 5? Because mine does. After 2 sec of recording it's stuck for 2 seconds and then it would stutter from time to time. I've got the 4/64 one

  29. Can always count on Chris to give an informative review with minimal bias!

  30. Every phone needs a 120 hz screen it makes it feel so much faster.

  31. MIUI 10 looks dope

  32. though Razer pioneered these gaming phone hype train, followed by xiaomi, but i think Asus did it very well, the side ports and extra accessories are awesome and beneficial.

  33. Rog phone gaming

  34. Given how bad android is at standardizing Joypad implementation what is the least shit joypad to get?

  35. well… a few days ago I was amazed by it… but… I saw the new Asus gaming phone… thats a real mobile console.. or whatever 😀

  36. is there any gamepad you would recommend around 25€?

  37. I would consider this phone more like a rugged one, i do like the different esthetics of it, unlike newer xiaomi phones that look too similar to each other, except the mix series which started as a concept. I think it's a solid phone with great battery and a clear display (no notch or buttons). I need to decide between this and mi8, of course waiting for Chris' review first but although the mi8 looks pretty boring ( played with it at a local mi shop) i would go for it instead of the black shark due to the software support, i do believe miui is a safer bet but honestly i do think this is an interesting alternative to the traditional looking phones

  38. Tan is sexiest than ever but combined with that haircut?? Chris I got an instant hard-on my man! You look crazy good, I get truly excited picturing you in your wealthy Spanish villa. Hopefully you will invite me in someday (PS: eagerly waiting for videos on Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE)

  39. Hey Chris aware of jumper ezbook x4 is out, please please review that laptop Gemini processor

  40. I'm wondering if USB type C cable to HDMI could work with this phone?? thanks!

  41. What is the name of game in 7:40?

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