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The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a steal at just $25. Seriously, if you’re looking for a basic fitness tracker and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, you should check it out.

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  1. Can it be used on any other android device

  2. can you link the mi band 3 to other fitness apps?

  3. i like my mi band for 79¥

  4. Somehow they both have joker lips?

  5. when it disconnects due to distance from the phone, does it show the missed notifications after it reconnects?

  6. does this make an alarm sound if your heart rate rises?

  7. First of all, thank you so much for this review. Second of all, question; how accurate is it on the sleeping end? the original Mi band didn't detect waking minutes/hours during nights particually good. Secong question, and not something you guys normally deals with. The original Mi band could sync up with the apple health-app, do you know if the Mi band3 can do that? And finally, on the original Mi band there were an exercise function you could use if your exercise wasn't running or cycling, has there been an update to that, so that it has that feature now?

  8. https://youtu.be/7ZPd1c3zTY8

    Comparing mi band 3 sleep data with original recorded sleep

  9. 2019

    Im getting mine on September 28-30

  10. 30$ you can actually cop the mi 4 oped display

  11. Review the mi band 4

  12. Couldn't stop laughing at this tag team review, it came across very 2013 high school presentation like lol.

  13. Can you do a Mi ecosystem review? As in using the Mi band, the Mi scale, the Amazfit Bip, etc. How well do they all work with the app and work together?

  14. Whats listed under the Walkig > Speed Tab? Can you export charts/graphs and open them on our computers?

  15. How far can Blutooth cover the distance from the phone to the sport band ? (in meters ? Eg. in case u left ur phone to offc. desk when u went to cafeteria for lunch ? )

  16. Yeah, having to use my phone during workouts defeats the purpose of having a fitness tracker on my wrist. Plus those limited profiles kill my interest stone cold.

  17. I have both a mi band 3 and a smartwatch in the form of the Amazfit Bip. I love using these… There is a Bip lite coming to which I might upgrade to.


  19. Does this support iOS I would like to try one..

  20. Bthis or the honor band 4

  21. $25!
    If it just told the time it would be worth the money.

  22. “If you want to get your feet wet with fitness tracking devices, the Mi Band is perfect for the price”.

    Exactly. And it surprises me that not so many companies see the value of a cheap device like this. For sure there are many people out there who wants a basic watch with some extra functionality. I used to be a fan of Pebble but even those weren’t so cheap. Since Pebble died at the hands of Fitbit I’ve looking for a cheap alternative but all smartwatches are so expensive, are big and have terrible battery life.

    This one is perfect for me, a watch that shows time, basic notifications, weather and it runs for a week or two in a single charge, even without considering the fitness features is great at the asked price. It’s even cheaper than many decent regular watches.

  23. Does this have a countdown timer?

  24. Is a Screen Protector necessary for this device?

  25. qustion for a newbie on smartwatches and fitness trackers.
    Can u connect to the watch thingy once a day (ex. night) and take the data? or do u need to stay connected dontinously during the day?
    interested in steps and other stuff, but mainly on blood pressure and the continouus mode thing…

    it is for a gift to and older person with some bp problems that need monitoring
    thanks in advance guys

  26. Various drugs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. It can't call as "fitness product" it measure only your walk, run & cycling… It has water proof, not won't measure swimming work out. It has cycle feature but need mobile with you.
    Good for house hold usage, not for "dedicated" health conscious people.

  28. Does it have a stopwatch??

  29. the guy in blue sounds gay

  30. Sorry..: What phone and case do you use in the video? I like it.

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