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  1. how come I fit doesn't update my band 4 to the latest version, I still have the version I'm still at v1.0.6.16, thanks

  2. the check for update option has disappeared in my app. what to do?

  3. I can't find check for update upove the Bluetooth address and from outside is saying its the lasted uodate … My last update v1.0.6.16 … What region are you?? Can you help me.

  4. mine is v1.0.6.16 Chinese mi band 4 no NFC

  5. Δες λίγο το δικό μου ποσο το έχω κάνει όποιος το κάνει τον παραδέχομαι

  6. Nothing is happening when i click on update, I'm redirected to main menu

  7. what new on this version?? did they add longer screen on time on this version?

  8. But the clock face dont change when you dowlonding in play store ?

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