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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – UNBOXING & 5 Day REVIEW! This video is my official unboxing and full review after 5 days use with the Global / international / English version of the Xiaomi Mi Band smart band / smart bracelet / smartwatch! So the launch / release date is upon us! So for the price are the design and…

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  1. ➡️Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Global) Site 1: https://eu.banggood.com/custlink/vGKGVsrKlM
    ➡️Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Global) Site 2:

  2. I have the Miband 4 for about 8 days now! I charged it the first day to 100%. I'm now on 72%! The battery is a beast! Before this one i had the Samsung Fitbit E. That one was empty within 2 days and didn't even had the calling option and no touch screen and no amoled screen, no colourscreen. For 33 euro's I'm very happy with my miband ?

  3. Does it count your 'walking' when you are at home and just sitting.. mi band 2 do that

  4. I love your presenting???

  5. Does its display get activated from the water as the display from mi band 3? Because although mi band 3 was also water resistant you couldn't really use it in the water since the water/or water droplets basically interacted with the display and it stopped anything you had on (basically as if you would be pressing on indent).

  6. How to charge it ?

  7. Your review awesome man haha! Disired hole!! ?? Great reviews for Xiaomi band 4 purchased one today ??

  8. if i have this dose that mean i can leave my phone in the car when i go for a run? or will it need to be in range of my phone?

  9. I'm from the future. Mi band 15 has death tracker

  10. Seems like a good review. Anything to get away from Fitbit/Google.

  11. Can you check Twitter feed? or do anything social on it

  12. I have one in purple

  13. Got mine 2 wees ago after having returned my Huwei one because of constant pairing problems with my iphone 8. Absolutely love it. Still have 52% left. The H said it had 2 weeks battery life was a fallacy. After 7 days I was down to 10% despite disabling every feature.

  14. can it track distance without using a phone??

  15. I think it means 20 days battery life in an air conditioner room, with no screen and Bluetooth on.

  16. does it track heart rate during swimming ?

  17. I bought this because I have an autistic teenager. Since I can get text notifications on it, I’ll know right away if he’s having a crisis. This is good since I’m not allowed to walk around with my cell phone during work.

  18. watching this on my galaxy watch 46mm

  19. Thanks for review man. You helped me save 130€. Well done!

  20. Awesome review! Is this band sending reminders to move more to meet your fitness goal as Fitbit do?

  21. Nice informative vid mate, did you mention the watch had a sleep tracking function ??

  22. Kinda cool how I can pick the up for $26

  23. Can i use this band and my Bluetooth headphones at the sane time?

  24. Is there an easy was to delete, 100's of pulse and sleep data? I think the user manual needs improvement, so many actions I find accidentally.

  25. So you can load music onto the device? Or do you need your phone close by?

  26. So you can load music onto the device? Or do you need your phone close by?

  27. I was impressed by the reviews of this product and I've just purchased this band. But its display is not swapping at all and it is fixed at "pair first" . That's what neither I'm able to pair it nor able to use it.
    I think the technical team should think about a cold restart button for this issue as there is no option other than visiting the service centre for this case.

  28. someone pls answer. can i control spotify using this miband4

  29. I'm right now living in December 28 2019,so by the end of December I'll go buy the watch

  30. Hey can you change te strap? And is it also possible to control Spotify on this band?

  31. My Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is being delivered from Amazon to me here in Connecticut USA today, Tuesday 12/24/19 just in the nick of time for Christmas. I paid $35.00 for it and also ordered a 5 pack of different color bands for it ( Black, Dark Blue, Red, White and Lime Green. The 5 pack of bands was only $9.99 so not bad. As you can most likely tell I'm really looking forward to my delivery. All that said, thank you for another excellent review, and a very merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours. Cheers

  32. Your weather says you live in Mere Uk. I live in Gillingham which is down the road lol

  33. I ordered this as well as some other bands/straps so I can change bands/straps depending on my outfit. Can't wait til it comes

  34. It just won’t turn on after the recent update .. can anyone help me switch it on . The charging indicator shows when plugged in but after battery full I can’t use the band

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