✔️ Xiaomi Mi Band 4 –
✔️ Honor Band 5:

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Welcome to the long expected comparison between Honor Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – two of the best fitness trackers in 2019 (and maybe 2020), and also – two of the most affordable quality Chinese smart bands.

This video is focused on comparing the…

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  1. Hey which one had the better calorie tracker. Thank you for creating this video 😀

  2. That have any problem if I buy Honor band 5 and pair with my Xiaomi phone? Or I sholud buy Mi Band 4?

  3. Will heart rate monitor stay on during my workout, 20 to 30 minutes, so I can reach my peak hr

  4. I have the mi-band 4

  5. I find it hard to understand the narrator because of how he speak and the way he delivers the message

  6. Can I ask question, what brand of phone are you using on this vlogg? Thanks

  7. Once you move the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the Notify & Fitness app, it's game over for the Honor Band

  8. Honor Band 5 accuracy is terrible on mine. I rock myself to sleep and it thought I did 2500 steps at 2am when I was just rocking in bed.

  9. If you don't need oxygen level measurement and some fancy features such as smart alarm(it's fantastic) you better go with miband4 , otherwise honor 5 is good , even though with 10+ days battery

  10. I just purchased honor band 5 just because of accuracy of measuring. Both heart rate and oxygen level also sleep tracking function is perfectly fine.

  11. I have a Huawei body fat scale, so i have the Huawei Health app. For me is a no brainer, a Huawei or Honor band.

  12. MI BAND 4 FOR THE WIN??????

  13. Mi band 4 is excellent. Tons of features for the money and size. Love the Long battery life that is something most watches don't have. It's also light and you hardly know your wearing it. Excited to see the mi band 5 when it arrives.

  14. Tbh I'm a nerd and I'll never work out so the MI Band 4 is the right fit for me, more software goodness 🙂

  15. HONOR 5 JADA ATCHA HE..?????????????

  16. So overall which is good?

  17. The blue strap on Mi 4 looks cool

  18. Do I need to connect with smartphone with any of these bands while running for fitness tracking?

  19. Бате кефиш ме, винаги имаш позитивен глас и си изчерпателен. Евала!
    Ако не бъркам хонъра май нямаше music controls. Към днешна дата след ъпдейти, кое би препоръчал, основно за тичане? Благодаря ти за ревюто 🙂

  20. Does honor have gps

  21. Is there any possibility to come updations in both mi and honor band

  22. May I know the phones used in the video…

  23. I just bought the honor band 5 but I'm going to buy mi band 5 if it has better features

  24. does honor band 5 works when your phone is away (not connected)

  25. Can it work as an alarm beeper for your accidentally left out phone from a certain distance ? Or which one can do it, pls recommend it .

  26. This is everything I needed to know. Thanks for the great video

  27. Thank you for your review! Now I have Mi Band 2 and will buy Mi Band 4 by your recommendations.

  28. I feel like you glossed over the build significantly. The honor band has a much more wear resistance in general – the buttoned belt on the mi band is more prone to getting worn over time than the honor's more traditional belt (although I like the aesthetics of the former). The mi band also has to have its belt removed entirely to put it in the charging dock, whereas the honor just clips into place. IMO, the honor is more durable than the Mi band.

  29. Mi band 4 does NOT officially support languages like Greek. Any experience with other languages?

  30. İ need best bpm shower what can i do shop

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