Redmibook 13 unboxing (new 2020 model) and detailed first look. Including thermals and benchmarks. 13″ Windows 10 laptop with Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs plus Nvidia MX250 (25W) I bought it from here: Battery life & screen sRGB:

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  1. Where i will find drivers for these laptop ? I am searchin drivers for touchpad .

  2. There are some cheaper AMD versions but for some reason the prices are wack.

  3. Thanks for making video I think this laptop is launching in India under 329 to 350. $

  4. Can you show the internal

  5. Please compare Redmibook 13 and Redmibook 14..

  6. Could you do a review of this same laptop playing and testing games, please?

  7. In spite of everything, the port situation is a deal breaker

  8. Xiaomi redmi notebook 13 is Mac book Pro design

  9. The chassis and keyboard of this laptop is definitely based almost directly on the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ar 13. I guess if anyone has used one would be very comparable in terms of size and keyboard feel. As a Xiaomi Fanboy I am also scratching my head wondering what was this Laptop trying to achieve.

  10. I've given up on Xiaomi now. Have owned 3 of their phones in the past and bought some of the 'Smart Home' kit but alot of their stuff at the moment is just 'meh' and very mediocre. The Note 5 was their last good product (compared to the competition at least) but they lag behind the best of the rest now in almost all markets. Cheap, but not necessarily good.

  11. They made a 300£ laptop but priced it like Apple. Nice.

  12. Is there any Sim card option for providing the internet connection.

  13. Piece of shit laptops…. Windows 10 with their updates is just crap.

  14. Do you think the ryzen version might be better?

  15. Xiaomi fanboys?? lmao

  16. Is the ram upgradable?

  17. Just on looks alone, I would have to pass on this laptop. It just looks terribly designed.

  18. i m going to buy this

  19. Will you try the new Mi notebook pro enhanced edition with 10th gen i7 and 100% sRGB?

  20. Very disappointing device tbh.

    Still using my Mi Notebook Pro (i5-8250U / MX 150) and it still seems so much better (Screen, I/O Cooling battery and keyboard basically everything) than this. While also just costing me 650€ back when I got it.

  21. I like your video ? from Bangladesh ? …. can you send me 1 laptop?

  22. in time they will make better laptops hopefully

  23. Not worth it for me. Search goes on.

  24. Cooling looks good, one Big fan and two heatsink, its way better then may other cooling solutions

  25. Almost everything about this laptop is a disappointment. What I like is that one hand opening, that is all.

  26. About those bad thermals..maybe there is a dried paste.maybe try to change it for something "at least" like mx4

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