So I spent almost three weeks wearing BOTH the fitness devices at the same. What did I discover in my Fitbit Versa vs. Apple Watch Series 3 Comparison? Well, the Fitbit Versa might make you FAT!


Now before you think I’m just making this all up for a click-bait video, I calculated a difference of 4600 calories over 14 days between my Apple Watch Series 3 and Fitbit Versa. That’s equivalent to approx. ~ FOUR Big Mac Meals from MacDonalds!

Have I gotten your attention yet?

So in…

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  1. Calorie in vs calorie out is total nonsense. A calorie is not just a calorie.

  2. hes sexy as hell. so imma say he right

  3. You should continue this comparisons between watches and eventually a chest strap. You are on to something here!

  4. I have an Apple Watch and my gym buddies wear Fitbit’s and Garmin’s. According to their watches, they’re burning 1600 calories more than me.

  5. Apple Watch series 4 had me burning anywhere from 300-800 more calories a day than my Fitbit versa 2. While not doing any activity just a normal day the Apple Watch 4 has me at 2600 and the Fitbit has me at 2200. So ??‍♀️

  6. Fitbit try’s to account for all activity plus metabolic rate. Neither are going to be 100% accurate. Both use the same photosensitive technology to determine HR. Both developers use different formula to calculate caloric burn. Given the fitbit is considerably cheaper than the apple and was only off 500 calories for the week, it’s a very good deal. It didn’t account for about 70 calories/day. Not bad at all.

  7. What if you had the watches on the same wrist??.

  8. Did he say whether or not he programmed the Fitbit? Big difference in mine once I tailored it to my body and so far it’s been closely accurate to my weight loss.

  9. I wear both… so I must look crazzzzeeee but it’s cool bc I love Fitbit and hubby just got me the Apple 5 getting use to it but counts steps better. The battery life is ok now that update and the calories burned are much much less than Fitbit. Apple makes you work even harder and I work hard to burn the apparently not hard enough to close that calorie ring

  10. Yes I have just got Apple and I have Fitbit versa and I normal set to burn 2600 calories per day was goal well for the last 3 weeks I cannot for the love of me get the three rings completed on Apple!!!! According to my versa I have hit them but Apple measures I think the energy??? But the calories burned on Fitbit was WAY higher

  11. Appreciate the full disclosure. I just estimate calories burned using my versa lite. I guesstimate 10% of number given. Id rather underestimate calories burned than over estimate. Stay Blessed

  12. its crazy to me that you sat in that chair not eating the burger in front of you for so long. If it were me, that would have been gone before the camera was set up

  13. 400kcal clean carbs or lean meat vs 400kcal of a bag of chips is like 1kg of steel vs 1kg of feathers. 400kcal=400kcal its the same amount of energy and you gain the same fat from it. Its just harder to eat 400kcal of veggies then one 400kcal burger.

  14. Your testing doing fitness test on two watches that arnt even at the top of the class i enjoyed this video but if you want to a better comparison do a video on Garmin, Suunto ,Coros and Polar all hundred times better then fitbit and apple when it comes to fitness.

  15. Ok you have become my go to guy prior to purchasing electronics.
    Not only are you Canadian but your reviews are real world not just someone reading the information off the tech sheets.
    Yes am finally going to bite the bullet on a smart watch, will be getting an Apple Watch with your recommended accessories.
    Thanks keep up the awesome reviews.

  16. Did you eat 4 Big Mac meals or just eat 1 and change your shirt 3 times? LoL

  17. Can you do samsung active 2 please. Thanks.

  18. i think i burned a few calories watching him alternate that dumbbell back and forth

  19. The apple watch UNDERESTIMATED calories vs the whoop strap in tests. I'm inclined to think apple is rubbish.

  20. I have both Apple Watch and the Fitbit charge 3. The Fitbit charge 3 was giving to me when my Apple Watch screen cracked. So I have been using the Fitbit now for two weeks while my Apple Watch was away getting fixed. A few things different my Apple Watch say 7319 step and Fitbit charge 3 say 9209 steps huge difference in steps. Heart rate is the same on both watches. I have gone down stairs four times today Apple Watch tracked nothing’s for stairs and fit bit charge 3 says 4 floors right on track. The Fitbit charge 3 tracks all your km for day and Apple Watch only tracks your workout Kms . One down side the Apple Watch it wants me to do an outdoor walk once in awhile usually after updates to get Gps reading and new heart rate. Today it tracked only 3 minutes of my 27 minute workout so I had to stop the timer and change it to other workout. Total workout was 45minutes Apple Watch is out today it only tracked 31 minutes. So I Will going for outside tomorrow for walk to rest my watch. One other downside to Apple Watch it cost me $409.00 to fix the cracked screen. So buy Apple care. Apple store in Edmonton Alberta Canada didn’t tell me that the watch brakes easy. If I had to choose again. Another thing I like about the Fitbit charge 3 is you have to do 250 steps to change the step feature every hour were the Apple Watch to change the stand ring you only have to move for a few more minute which wasn’t even close to 250 steps it was less than half the time. It’s very frustrating when your working out and it won’t track your workout because of overcast day and gps won’t calibrate on Apple Watch I gave the Fitbit charge 3 to my husband as the Apple Watch won’t work with his Samsung phone. I would love to use both but it looks strange wearing two watches. One other thing I like about the Fitbit charge 3 its more comfortable to wear than the Apple Watch3. Also the fit bit charge 3 wanted me to eat more food than MyFitnessPal and weight watches app so it was a downside for me in two weeks as I gained 2.7 pounds instead of losing weight that same amount or more. I am down 75 pounds using ww app and MyFitnessPal plus my Apple Watch. Wish I could wear both watches for a few more weeks to see more difference. One plus side I have learned from both watches I will walk longer when changing the stand ring.

  21. The graphs are kinda misleading

  22. No device is perfect however
    I rather a device that under estimates my calorie burn
    then a device that overestimates my calorie burn ..

  23. The dog also wants a big mac

  24. Scary I use a fitbit alta HR… considering an apple watch…. but does it count resting calories?

  25. I started this video for the content but I stayed because the dog

  26. Please do a fitness comparison video between an Apple Watch 4 and a Polar Ignite Fitness Watch! There is not one YouTuber who has created such a video yet.

  27. You were NOT to eat your McDonald's meal, so tell me why you made Monty drool over it during the whole video?. Ignoring him is just TOO CRUEL (and you do that in all your videos). For Heaven's sake, have a heart and pay attention to him!. His loyalty to you HAS to be at least rewarded.

  28. I was hoping not to see you shirtless for half the video , guess i was wrong

  29. Great video! Thanks for spending all that time making it! I really wanted to hear more about your fitness regiment!

  30. Before jumping into this video one should do due diligence because, this reviewer is a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy so it does not surprise me that he is going to be biased. Having said that, I enjoy watching his videos not because it makes me want to buy into the IoS ecosystem, but helps me stay away from it. For 20 years I was held hostage by IoS only to realize that I had bought into a cult that was so limiting that Mormonism felt like a better option.

    As against, Apple's highly restrictive, big-brotherly attitude, I like the fact that Android treats me like an adult and lets me learn from my mistakes as I go. While Apple may claim that it employs Zen like approach it is only limited to its design language, otherwise Apple is as restrictive as any Abrahamic faith can be.

    Actually Google is the one that literally puts into practice Zen philosophy to the TEE. It practices it by not limiting its users freedom in the name of SECURITY. And above all it offers its platform free to everybody from snoopy-doopy Huawei, to the Master's of the Galaxy, Samsung. And just like Buddhism, each manufacturer can present his/her own take and build up on it.

  31. Thank you for this extensive comparison!

  32. Watch is video he’s like all Asian he’s Apple bias… And yes, I’m asian too

  33. Very dedicated and depth reviews and the best team mate ??

  34. Thank you for such a thorough review. It is the best comparison between the Apple watch and a Fitbit versa.
    You have 1 adorable sweet little ? fur baby……I myself have 5 fur babies

  35. So how do you know that the versa is less accurate than the Apple? Nevermind you answer this question…. But one point remains… What if the Apple watch is under counting, the machines seem to suggest this…. Great video in any case. BTW, your dog's super cute and yes, great job on the body transformation…

  36. I have a Firbit Inspire HR and we i wake up it says every day 369 Cal. This is a problem

  37. Gotta be honest, while it is a pretty large difference it would make more sense to meet in the middle between the two devices then to just say "I believe this one!".
    Not saying it is true but if you were to lean towards one I would think the fitbit device would be the one simply cause fitness is basically their sole purpose asnd they have been working on trackers/watches being there companies agenda.
    Sorta like when you compare their website apps, fitbit obviously is more polished and better overall (I know its subjective, but majority would certainly lean fairly heavy toward the fitbit app) cause they have been improving and polishing that one site for many years.
    It would then be a fair guess to say the same extends to their devices.

    Aplle is literally all over the place in terms of what they do.
    Just an opinion…I would suggest a chest monitor if you ever get the itch again to really narrow down things.
    Still, that leaves us with the open question…Again I would lean toward the more neutral pov that it lies probably somewhere in the middle.

    Thanks for the vid…You didn't have to spend your time but you did and at the very least given those who watched something to think about and possibly take your study and try and improve/add on it.
    Good luck and stay shredded my Friend ?

  38. Your test is invalid as well because a you are supposed to wear these on your non dominant hand.

  39. The Apple Watch has an Indoor Cycle option for exercise. The Bicycle exercise option isn't appropriate.

  40. Nice apple ad. Good try…

  41. Please post more about fitness stuff on instagram!!!

  42. fantastic video. Im interested in your overall conclusion of how you would estimate your calories. Would you just take 500 off the total on your watch? what do you do? do you just mointor at what point weight loss occurs with your weekly calorie intake?

  43. great video!
    really appreciate the effort!!

  44. Thank you so kuch for your feedback and help. Keep it up.

  45. dude i just noticed this too! ive had my versa for 2 weeks and i thought i loved it until i started noticing i would get to 10,000 steps hours and hours faster than my previous tracker while doing the same thing! also saw it adds thousands of steps while i shower and get ready wtf. im returning it! i hate to spend the extra money but im going with the apple watch 4

  46. Well apple best guess estimate just got approved by the FDA so there doing something right great video ? love all the work you put in to your videos thank you for them

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